Open to Communication

I'm not quite sure I believe in life after death. I believe in something after death. I definitely believe in presence after death. After all, I believe the one who dies is only going to a place where we cannot see them, another plane in the universe. They might not be in human body form, but something continues to be present. We cannot see a lot of things, but they're here. Think of radio waves, magnetic fields, gravity. Just because we cannot see these things doesn't mean they don't exist. I strongly believe in communication after death. If you are open to the idea of communicating with your loved one, it will happen. My brother communicates to me through great blue heron sightings and other birds, through rainbows, incredible sunrises and sunsets, through wind shifts and temperature changes, and being in my dreams. But he also communicates through ways only he and I would understand. Looking through his belongings from time to time, like his cd collection or clothes or his photo albums, I have discovered funny things that have made me burst out laughing. When I uncover these treasures, I can hear him saying, I knew you would find that and crack up, sistah! These are wonderful moments to cherish. These are direct links of communication with my brother. He's not physically sitting here beside me but he's making me laugh! And I know he's laughing simultaneously.

Open your mind to communicating with the one who is no longer physically on this earth. Allow the communication to move freely through the conduits of here and there. You might be surprised at what you'll discover.

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favabean75 said...

im pretty sure there is life after death. and when you find those things that make u laugh he could very well be sitting right next to you the way he looked when he was on this plane. if u define being alive as being inside a human body then yeah he's obviously not alive, but i think being alive has a broader spectrum then that. energy can't die so i think he's alive and well, u just can't see him but u can obviously receive signs from him like u were saying. i don't know, maybe im repeating what ur saying.

actually i think they are more alive then we can ever be. the love, happiness, joy they feel is a million times more than what we can, so i think they are actually more alive than we are. we're like the poor man's alive, but they're really alive! thats my thesis, was it jumbled? haha.