Songs of Significance

Music is a huge part of my life, as it was for my brother. Soon after his death, I went searching on the Web for songs about loss and grieving, knowing music is very therapeutic for me. Unfortunately, many song lists I came upon were either religiously-oriented with lyrics that don't help me, just plain bad tunes, or were actually too depressing.

I soon realized what I was really searching for was music that was cathartic, raw, intense, emotional, and maybe even uplifting. I found some songs that had wonderful lyrics about losing a loved one. Other songs just felt right because they stirred something inside. Some were from musicians my brother loved which made them more meaningful to me. Indeed, some of these songs listed below make me cry, but an important thing I've learned throughout this grieving process is that you have to let the sadness present itself when it's obviously close-by. Don't fight it. Allow it to wash over you like an incoming tide, and then let it recede. And it will recede, perhaps when the song ends...

Enjoy. And please feel free to add your own recommendations because I love learning about new music and this is definitely an ongoing project...

NOTE: Clicking on these links will open a new tab or window in your browser, directing you to Rhapsody, which will automatically start playing the song. If you want to come back to my blog, hit the back arrow or check back to your History. Or, better yet, just check these songs out on itunes.

Series of Dreams by Bob Dylan
River of Tears by Eric Clapton
Come Back by Pearl Jam
Stove By A Whale by Ted Leo
The Trees by Rush
Your Long Journey by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Hold On by Tom Waits
New World by DeVotchka
A Dream That Can Last by Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The Black Arts by Stereolab
My Hero by Foo Fighters
Amazing Grace by Judy Collins
Alright by Supergrass
Stay With Me by Spiritualized
Black Mirror by Arcade Fire
All You Ever Wanted by The Black Keys
There Goes the Fear by The Doves
Fake Empire by The National
Slow by The Broken West
What Is And What Should Never Be by Led Zeppelin
This River Is Wild by The Killers
Time to Stand Still by The Wood Brothers

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