Personal Items - Part 1

Bob was born in Harrogate, England. My parents lived there while my dad was working for NSA. It was something that my brother always thought special; the fact that he was born in another country just added another layer to his interesting life. He always carried a metal British flag/Union Jack keychain on his keys. On the back it says, Made in England. I don't remember if he told me where he got it. Maybe he found it or bought it. I don't know. I wish I knew. Because I now carry it on my keys. It's damaged, pieces of the enamel have fallen off from years of being attached to my brother's keys. Keys to his VW van, keys to his Jeep Commando, keys to his red Ford pick up truck. Keys to his home, his potter's studio.

I think it's really important to carry something around everyday that was once owned by the departed. I have many of Bob's possessions, as I've mentioned before, but to have something so small, something so meaningful, and be able to carry it with me every single day and look at it when I'm at a stoplight, glance down at it when I'm at the grocery store, it just really warms my heart and is extremely comforting. I suggest you carry something, too. A piece of jewelry, maybe, a patch of fabric from a t-shirt, a photo of them you know they liked. Wear it on your finger, around your neck, keep it in your pocket, or place it somewhere in your car where you can see it every day. That way, they are always with us. Always.

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